Friday, October 8, 2010

The Zoo

Mia is an expert dog spotter. Just listen for a "dah!" and you can be sure one of the neighbor's standard poodles is strolling by. She knows cats and every once in a while recognizes birds. We thought it was time to take it up a notch and introduce her to more animals at the zoo. This was Mia's first visit to the zoo. Here are the highlights:

Rhinos running

Mia scoping out the rhinos from her perch on daddy's shoulder
In this picture you can see Mia's preferred mode of transportation while we were there.  Being carried only by me!  She was not interested in the perfectly good stroller we had nor her God given ability to walk (still sore today).

Next we moved on to see a cage with little orange monkeys and a rooster.  Not sure what the rooster was doing in there.  Maybe he was keeping the peace.

The Africa section was probably the coolest.  We got an education on duikers (looked like miniature deer) and kudu (another antelope type).


Mia got a close up look at a giraffe before we headed for home.  It was good time and hopefully we can go back and check it out more as she gets older.  If you were to ask Mia what was her favorite animal was, she would tell you other children visiting the zoo.

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