Monday, October 18, 2010

Things that make you go hmm...

As I've alluded to before, we often get things in the mail that are clearly marketed towards the parents of a young one, but today I stopped in my tracks upon receiving the American Girl October 2010 catalog.  I could barely believe my eyes.

This is the stuff I used to salivate over almost every year from age 7 to *gulp* age 12.  They had only 3 dolls when I first got into it: Kristen, the Scandinavian pioneer who immigrated to Minnesota; Samantha, the Victorian 'princess;' and Molly, the daughter of a WWII soldier.  My neighbors had two of the aforementioned, and I received Felicity, the redheaded colonial girl who grew up in Virginia.  It's astounding what I still remember from these books, but I read them over and over again and probably used the historical fiction to fill in any gaps I ever received in my history education.

Felicity in her "holiday gown" & "cardinal cloak"

It makes me excited to think that Lord Willing I might be able to share these fun things with Mia someday. My parents/Santa Claus (now, who was who???) were gracious in gifting me many a thing from Felicity's collection back in the day, and I hope we can share this with Mia too.
Coincidentally, I had just been thinking about American Girl earlier today and how it really fueled my imagination.  I hope for Mia that she doesn't get so bogged down by media, pop culture and societal ridiculousness that she doesn't have the chance to just imagine, play and pretend, like little ones ought to.

And now I feel really ready to get ready for the holidays!
Wow, who would've thought one American Girl catalog could do that?!

Huge AG nerd, signing off.

PS: For an awful night of sleep, Mia, you did well this afternoon with a 3 hr nap!  Yay!


Rhonda said...

I know, I'm catching an early Christmas bug too. Should I get you some additional Felicity items for Christmas before they're gone?

Truex Family said...

I had Samantha. She was a dream. I loved everything about her. I too was pretty much enthralled with her stories and may or may not have been convinced that we were BFF. :) Good times!