Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nah-STALL-JEE-uh. Or Nostalgic Thoughts.

3 weeks old in her little Iguana preemie onesie!
Anytime a good friend of mine has a baby, I am inundated with my own memories of experiences that really weren't so long ago.  I feel like I remember so much and yet I know I have forgotten quite a bit too.  Even though there were times I'd rather not repeat when we first had Mia, there are also times I have a bittersweet attachment to.  Even times at the hospital.  There was such a centering effect after having her--not a whole lot else mattered anymore but our family.  And for the first few months, there was really nothing more important to do than getting sleep and being fed--for the both of us.  It was such an opposite from my life before: running here, running there, doing this or that, and feeling pressed for time ALL the time.  My calendar basically went from way entirely too full to empty.  It was strange to me, but also welcome at the same time.

Of course by now we've struck a new balance, which tends to change every now and then as Mia goes through various growth spurts and transitions, but I can't help but wonder what it would feel like again to someday have that newborn and think...for right now, this is ALL I have to take care of.  I often dread the sleepless times, but I remember: those did pass.  And I wonder how people do it with more than one child, but history has shown me people have done this for thousands and thousands of years. 

However, for now, we are enjoying our family of 3 and our rambunctious, brave, excitable little one.  As far as we know, we're not quite ready to change up the mix.  In [God's] time, and hopefully at a healthier time for me, we will.  (Was that a clear disclaimer?!)

In other ways of nostalgia...I'm very nostalgic for this group at the moment:
LH, Ro-o-ose, Meganesota, & JennGa circa 2003 @ the Dickey household

I feel like if we were to reconvene just as we are, we'd still have a million things to talk about, even though we all live in different parts of the country (or, for LH, "everywhere" ;) ) and are doing and pursuing different things.

There's something about good friends and good times for which I'm really thankful.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a very messy, klutzy, and tired baby to try to put down for a nap.


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Jenn G said...

oh...I love that group too. And I love that the picture was taken at the Dickey house. I believe it was a meal auction dinner? or perhaps a Four-Semesters-Honors-Reading Celebration?